EFT Saffron Walden

Emotional Freedom Technique combines Chinese acupressure with modern psychology and visualisation to remove blockages in a person's energy system or 'meridians'.  By gently tapping on specific points, whilst verbalising and affirming how we feel, issues are resolved and negative emotions released.

Evidence for the efficacy of EFT is being gathered all the time; recently - on December 7th 2018 - Dr. Peta Stapleton published a Ted Talk presentation about EFT.  Dr Stapleton has 20 years experience as a registered Clinical and Health Psychologist in Queensland and has been awarded many honours including the Australian Psychological Society Elaine Dignan Award for research into women’s issues, and the 2014 Harvey Baker Award for excellence in Energy Medicine Research. Dr Stapleton has led the Australian research into EFT in treating a number of conditions including chronic pain, obesity, anxiety and stress. 

Click on the link below to watch Dr Stapleton's fascinating presentation.



Phobia cure Saffron Walden

Havening - ‘Amygdala Depotentiation Technique’ (ADT) - created and developed by Neuroscientist, Dr Ron Ruden, is a fast and effective tool for the removal of phobias, fear, panic, stress, anxiety and other traumas.

Havening combines a firm, slow movement on the arms, palms and face, at the same time as the memory or distressing thought is recalled.  Once the memory is brought to the forefront of the client's awareness, the mind is distracted through visualisation of something calm and peaceful, at the same time as doing something auditory (such as counting  or humming). 

Scientists have found that this combination causes changes in the brain's chemistry and the emotion from the memory, craving or distressing thought is permanently removed.  Years of research show how this process creates a powerful biological change in the brain and is powerful at a neurochemical level.

Benefits of EFT & Havening


Imagine how empowering it will feel when you take control of that negative inner dialogue that regularly knocks your self-esteem.  

Imagine the extent to which your health will improve when you finally break free from an addiction. I will show you how.

If you experience worry, anxiety or depression, I will give you the tools you need to break free.  

No longer held back by a phobia or a fear of something that could happen, you will feel lighter, brighter and energised to live fully, fearlessly and magnificently in the here and now.

What my clients are saying...

“This week I was ‘tapped’!  To be honest I had never heard of tapping before my session and I was a little bit cynical but I was quickly turned into a believer.  I suffered a nasty accident at the beginning of the year and the memory of what happened was a vivid reminder for me and was starting to affect my sleeping patterns.  That was until Jen worked her magic.  I can honestly say that since my tapping session I have slept like a log.  I feel calmer and I can no longer recall my accident in the way I did before.  Jen is so lovely and her approach reassured me as soon as we started.  I would highly recommend her and highly recommend tapping.” 

Z.C. of Saffron Walden.