NLP Saffron Walden

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the science of personal achievement and behavioural change, and it is sometimes known as 'Success Psychology'.  It harnesses a highly effective methodology, advanced communication skills and a series of techniques for rapidly changing the thoughts, behaviour patterns and beliefs that limit people's potential and development.

Benefits of NLP

Confidence & Motivation


I will empower you to clear limiting self-beliefs that may be impacting your potential.

You will let go of negative emotions so you can move on from unhelpful relationship patterns, no longer dwell on disagreements or regret, and let go of anger or 'unforgiveness'.

You will be able to prioritise your workload more effectively, increase your energy levels and focus your intention to achieve the success you desire.



“I approached my session overwhelmed and anxious about a number of things happening in my life. I relaxed into the treatment easily, and was guided through a mental journey which gently unlocked deep thoughts and visualisations about myself. I surfaced feeling immediately released from tension, purged of self-doubt and glowing with a positivity that can only come from within. I cannot express the relief I feel and the gratitude I have for being shown a way to handle the challenges in my life.”

G.S. of Saffron Walden.